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Eli’s Quote

Dear Jason Keidel,

I read one your articles already and I must say you are like almost every other sportswriter in this town in that you take one insignificant quote from a player or coach, make a big deal about what he or she said, and blow it up into this mammoth size article with a lot of fluff. It’s getting to be so old and frankly annoying.
First I want to comment on your article about Eli Manning entitled The Book on Eli  keidel-the-book-on-eliin which you criticize him for saying he’s in the same class as Tom Brady. First of all and probably the biggest reason why all the backlash, including yours is so laughable is that this was a leading question by the interviewer. He was asked by the interviewer if he thinks he is in the same class as Brady. Now I don’t know if you people in the sports media have nothing better to do but ask leading questions of which you already know the answers to, but that is clearly what happened in this case and it just seems pointless. Why ask a simple question of which you already know the plain and simple answer, merely to try to invoke an emotional response just so you and the rest of the sports media can write a ton of articles and columns espousing why the response was unwarranted? Obviously Eli Manning is not as good a quarterback as Tom Brady so why ask him if he is in the same class as Tom Brady unless you anticipate that an affirmative response will generate a lot of negative media attention and its your next big story for the next week? I can not think of a reason. That is shameful. It is just shameful. And then to read all these columns, including yours, explaining why Eli Manning is not as good as Tom Brady is just mind numbing. They go on forever it seems and its only in response to one quote. Sports media is so overly reactionary in present day and what is sports except emotions. Sports is all about emotions and the media capitilizes too much on players and coaches emotions, jumping all over them for one quote. I am sure a bunch of emotions went into that response by Eli: feeling of rivalry, pride, overconfidence, a dislike of the patriots. Just because he says it doesn’t mean its the truth and if he believes it fine.  But you cant expect a person, especially a professional sports star in  New York to always be humble and say what you think is the right all the time, especially regarding a statement as inconsequential and trivial as this. And that is the most imporant aspect of this. The question was leading and pointless and the response was emotional, trivial, and inconsequential. In the end, it its a statement reflecting how Eli Manning feels about himself, and the bashing from journalists such as yourself is unnecessary and unfortunately it has become so mainstream with the American sports media today.

Lebron and Dwayne are innocent! Its not arrogance Skippy. It’s hatred.

I welcome and encourage comments and different opinions.

I knew it.  I knew it all along.  Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are fed up with the media and frankly they have every right to be.  The media overhypes this team and they overhype James and then they slam him so hard its not even funny anymore.  Frankly,  it’s repulsive and disgusting and I’m so tired of it.  Its amazing how the majority of people don’t believe Wade when he says that the recent coughing show he and Lebron put on for the cameras was in no way meant to disrespect Dirk.  What do Wade and James have to gain from disrespecting Dirk Nowitski?  The Mavericks defeated them two straight game in the fourth quarter.  Lebron has completely underperformed while Dirk played lights out even while fighting a fever.  HELLLLLOOO.  Dirk totally owns them while battling a fever and then people draw the conclusion that their little coughing fit was to make fun of Dirk’s illness????If anything Dirk should be making making fun of them.

Wake up and smell the roses people.  Who do Wade and even more so James hate more than anyone else in the world right now?ITS THE MEDIA.  They hate this national media that has been on their case from day 1 and will never shut up about every little thing they say, every little thing they do, still won’t shut up about The Decision, having this whole stupid debate about Lebron and Michael Jordan for no good reason, putting Lebron on a pedestal and then slamming him down every chance they get just because its the popular thing to do.  The negative media attention of Lebron James is on par with that of Anthony Weiner and you tell me do both those guys deserve the same amount of negative press?

Wade and Lebron staged this little act because its a subtle and clever way to demonstrate just how much of an absurd magnifying glass the media has on the two of them, particularly James.  Its a way of saying “Screw you media” without actually saying it.    But people have so much hatred and vitriol for James and the Heat, that they are quick to dismiss this act as a disrespect towards Dirk Nowitski.

Wade said it himself, “I actually did cough, And with the cameras being right there, we made a joke out of it because we knew you guys were going to blow it up. You did exactly what we knew.”

And the media did just that.  They blew it up like a hot air balloon and now everyone hates James and Wade and the Heat even more.

Lebron James comments reveal even more “I’m not feeding into that, If you guys want to feed into everything that not only myself or D-Wade or the Miami Heat do, I think that’s a non-issue. There’s bigger issues in this series than that.”

Lebron James despises the media right now and for good reason.  Im completely convinced they’re in his head and its affected his play and he hates them for that.  I’m not saying its an excuse buts let’s be honest he’s only been the most scrutinized sports superstar ever in the history of professional sports and that takes its toll.  Michael Jordan did not play in the age of mass media and tweeting and he also didn’t have the media overhype that Lebron James has had.  There’s so much more pressure on Lebron James than there was on Michael Jordan and thats not Lebron’s fault.  Its the media’s fault.

I will leave you with this.  Who’s winning this series? Who deserves some credit? THE MAVERICKS.  DIRK.  There’s so much negative press on James and Wade that the team that actually won games 4 and 5 isn’t getting the credit they deserve from the media or the fans.  Lebron said it himself referring to the coughing act, “There’s bigger issues in this series than that.”

Apparently the media didn’t get the memo or they choose to ignore it.