Freddy Wilpon Finally Makes some Noise

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All the kudos go to Fred Wilpon for finally knocking David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Carlos Beltran the way they all deserve to be knocked.  In a recent interview done for the New Yorker, the owner of the Mets finally comes out into the open takes a hard and controversial stance regarding the performances and future expectations of the three marquee players.

On Jose Reyes, Wilpon dismisses the notion that his current shortstop is going to get a Carl Crawford like contract from any team let alone the Mets.

On Carlos Beltran, Wilpon refers to himself as a “Schmuck” for overpaying the center fielder based on one amazing playoff series with the Astros in 2004 and comments that Beltran has been “65 to 70 % of what he was.”

On David Wright he’s a little less harsh than I would have liked but nonetheless he calls the Mets third basemen and supposed face of the franchise a “Really good kid.  A very good player.  Not a superstar.”

Really Fred?  David Wright’s not a superstar? I wouldn’t have guessed from his amazing stat line this season. (.226,.337,.404,.741)  By the way, he’s also on pace for over 200 strikeouts.  I mean these numbers don’t exactly scream out “very good player” either.

Fred may have taken the foot off the gas pedal regarding David Wright but let’s be honest.  Everything Fred said is true and it needed to be said.  The Mets and any other team in baseball would be absolutely stupid to give Reyes Carl Crawford money especially given his injury history and the tendency for a player like that to break down.  Not only that, but Jose Reyes seems like the kind of player who given a big contract would crack under the pressure to perform, not unlike Jason Bay is cracking oh so mightily right now.

In terms of Carlos Beltran, Fred is a bit too harsh.  Beltran did have great 100 RBI seasons for the Mets, hitting in the clutch but because of his knees now he is a shell of his former self.

And then….there’s David Wright.  I have been waiting so long for Mets fans to finally turn on David Wright.  It hasnt happened yet but gosh it should happen soon if he keeps performing the way he is.  How can a guy who never performs in the big spot, never gets a key hit in the key situation with runners on base be the face of the franchise?  You can talk about all the off the field stuff, all the the charities all you want and I’m not dismissing that.  But the fact is the guy is mostly paid to perform on the field and he doesn’t perform up to the expectations the franchise expects him to.  For a third place hittter, for a guy who  regularly hits for a high average and high on base percentage (barring this season) he strikes out at the rate of Adam Dunn.  And all too often those strikeouts come with men on base.  His RISP numbers are nothing to write home about.  I mean right now it looks like he’s on pace for as bad a season as he had in 2009.  A face of the franchise can’t play like this.  A face of the franchise can’t be so inconsistent.  In interviews he can talk all he wants about expectations for himself and the disappointment in how he’s performed so far.  Well how about correcting it already?  What is the hitting coach paid for? The MO with this team has become its inability to hit i the clutch and that’s why they lose ballgames. And it starts with David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Carlos Beltran.  The general message from Fred is that these players and this team has underperformed.  Reyes and Beltran are gone so there’s no accountability there.  But hopefully its a challenge to David Wright’s pride to perform up to his talent level.


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